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Jan Lee
Owner, Graphic Artist, Chief Cook And Bottle Washer

Hello! I have been making handmade items for what seems like forever and I have been selling online since 2012. As a child I would rather stay in and make things than play outside. I always loved having this creative side and found my true passion and calling working with graphics. I can't go a day without creating a special graphic or two and pixels and fonts dance in my dreams every single night! I create 95% of the designs in my shop, I purchase 5% of the art I use for resale in finished products from wonderful sellers here on Etsy, I use graphics from the Public Domain or Enhanced/Commercial licenses from other online sources.

In my past career as a Vice President, I worked in a very stressful position for a large bank where we always put customers first; my job taught me empathy and time management among many other things. This knowledge has been a huge asset in running my shop. Corporate Downsizing in the fall of 2015 allowed me to run my shop full time and to be able to have very fast response times to inquiries and super-fast shipping. Customer Service is my number one priority. My Shop and my Customers are my passion...things happen for a reason! NannyGoatsCloset® is my only form of income and I take it very seriously.

On November 11, 2018 I lost my home, my business, every single thing except for the clothes on my back, my car, my two cats and my laptop when our town was demolished by the largest fire in California history, the Camp Fire in Paradise California. I've fought my way back and started over again with nothing. It hasn't always been easy, but I got back up and running within a few short months and my business is thriving again. It all comes back to passion!

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